Dialogue as a tool for reconciliation and development of society - workshops and debates

March 09, 2022

In the week from the 21st to the 25th of March 2022 we are organizing three workshops on the topic "Dialogue as a tool for reconciliation and development of society". These workshops will be conducted by Linda Norris of the International coalition of sites of conscience. Workshops and public debates will be held in Karviná (21st of March), in Písek (23d of March) and in the Ústí nad Labem (25th of March).

As elsewhere in the world, we also have sensitive historical topics, important events on which there are significantly different opinions in society and which we carry with us as our historical heritage. One of the ways in which the society copes with the historical heritage are memorials or museum exhibitions. In order to be able to move forward on certain sensitive and sometimes controversial topics, society needs to talk about them, to discuss them. The discussion is based on an open dialogue, and this is what our workshops will address. The workshops will be attended by employees of local museums.

After the workshops, public debates with Linda Norris will be held in each of the three locations.

On Monday 21. 3. 2022 in Ostrava in the center of Pantu from 18:00: Traumatic past - Karvinsko as a "place of conscience"?
Debate on the approach to the sensitive topics of the past. The disappearance of Karvina, the consequences of mining activities and Czech-Polish relations - do these topics have a parallel elsewhere in the world?

On Wednesday 23. 3. 2022 in Písek at the Prácheň museum from 16:00: The past through the eyes of minorities - Czech and American perspectives
What do American slavery or Native American museums look like and what do those affected think of them? What is the comparison with the reminder of sensitive topics in the Czech Republic?

On Friday 25. 3. 2022 in Ústí nad Labem in the city museum at 17:00: Search for the lost identity
How to look for a relationship to places where newcomers do not have long-term roots?
How do current Czech-German relations affect the search for identity in today's border regions? And do these topics have a parallel elsewhere in the world?

A series of workshops is organized by Gulag.cz, the Association for the interpretation of local heritage SIMID, the Association of museums and galleries of the Czech Republic and the Sites of Conscience Coalition with the financial support of the American embassy in the Czech Republic.