We will create an educational aid in virtual reality

The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic has supported our joint project with the University of South Bohemia’s Institute of Archaeology and Faculty of Education to create educational aids with the Gulag in virtual reality.

We have three years for development, during which we will draw on long-running research, the results of our expeditions and the enormous potential of our initial achievements in virtual reality. The project has received backing within a programme supporting applied social and humanitarian research, experimental development and innovation.

The use of virtual reality and new technologies will allow us to generate increased attention among coming generations in dark aspects of the past, ensuring that the Gulag and all of its victims, as well as those responsible for Soviet repressive system, are not forgotten in future either. We believe that the results will be appreciated by pupils, students and teachers, as well as by all of you, our longstanding well-wishers. We will of course keep you informed about the development and all progress along the way.