Educational tool in VR and AR

In 2021, we began developing an educational tool that would present the subject of the Gulag and Soviet repression through virtual and augmented reality. We follow up on the first experiments with the reconstruction of the Gulag camp in the VR, which we introduced in 2019.

For the development of the educational tool, we obtained a three-year grant "European Memory of the Gulag - Extended Reality as an Educational Tool" from the European educational program Erasmus Plus. Our partners in this project are the educational company Scio, the German Memorial, the Polish College of Eastern Europe and the Slovak branch of Post Bellum.

The development of a 3D model of the camp in VR is also taking place thanks to the TAČR ÉTA project (TL03000574 - GULAG-VR).

We also work with the Russian Memorial Association on the educational tool, with which we are developing a Russian version of the tool.